"Martinez was electrifying in her raw fury and glorious joy."
- The News Review, October 2013


Upcoming Workshops: 

Footwork Focus 
Saturday, April 30 1:30 - 2:30 
BreakOut Studios (4th Ave location) 

Modern Flamenco Movement  
Saturday, May 7 1:30 - 2:30 
BreakOut Studios (4th Ave location)

Recent Events:

A new work featuring choreography by award-winning artist, Fanny Ara, introducing music from celebrated artists Jose Cortes, Manuel Gutierrez, Andres Vadin, and Diego “El Negro” Alvarez and presenting American dancer, Mele Martinez, Luz celebrates mothers who live and work as artists.  

Friday, February 5th, 8pm  
Where: La Peña Cultural Center  
3105 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA  
Tickets: $25 

Saturday, February 6th, 8pm  
Where: Kuumbwa Jazz  
320-2 Cedar Street, Santa Cruz, CA  
Tickets: $25 

Sunday, February 7th, 7pm   
Where: Outpost Performance Space 
210 Yale Blvd. SE Albuquerque, NM 
Tickets: $20 


The first of several events for Luz!!!! Though a tour will happen in early 2016 (info available on Hatchfund) a special event will happen in Tucson at 6 pm on TUESDAY, JAN. 5 at BreakOut Studios Art Lounge to: 1) CELEBRATE the close of our Hatchfund campaign, 2) PRESENT a “work-in-progress” showcase of Luz choreography, 3) PREMIERE Tucson’s first “Tertulia Flamenca” This event will be my way of sharing the work of Luz with the Tucson Community – through both presentation and conversation. And, there will be wine! Attend and celebrate with us! To contribute to this special project, please visit http://www.hatchfund.org/project/luz


Mele at Tucson Meet Yourself 2012.

Flamenco del Pueblo Viejo, directed by Mele and Jason Martinez, has received Tucson Meet Yourself's first ever Artistic Fellowship! This amazing opportunity for collaboration will help flamenco THRIVE in Tucson! Special guests will join FDPV at the 42nd Annual Tucson Meet Yourself Festival in downtown Tucson this October 9-11th.

I’m excited to announce a creative work that is straight from the heart!!! It is my great pleasure to introduce Luz: a flamenco project honoring mothers who live and work as artists. Luz has already been partly funded by Tucson Pima Arts Council and Arizona Commission on the Arts and with your contribution you will help take this flamenco show on tour to CA, AZ, and NM! In the next few weeks, I’ll be posting more on my Facebook page about the birth and development of this work and what has inspired the message of Luz. Click on the Hatchfund link to watch a quick video about the project.  Please contribute and make Luz happen in 2016!!! http://www.hatchfund.org/project/luz